Monday, December 28, 2009

Indian National Congress 125 years.

28th Dec,2010. Indian National Congress is celebrating its 125th anniversary. Although this party has remarkable impact on India's fight for Independence, one must keep few facts very clearly in mind that
1) Mahatma Gandhi was never member of National Congress.
2) Congress people say that India could gain independence because of them which is nothing but a pathetic cry since in 1947 British Dynasty became so weak that it could not control their colonies and hence they decided to leave India.
3) Congress never tried to stop the division of India into two separate nations, which now has became headache for every ruling government of India.
4) Although claiming to be a national party, it has always been an estate of Nehru and later Gandhi families.
5)This party has always been appeasing to muslim minorities of India instead of helping them to develope, for the cause of vote bank under the name of secularism.
6)Current party chairman is the best example of such hollow and vicious secularism. Hon.Sonia Gandhi is a Catholic and both her children are also Catholics who misguide majorities of Hindus in India saying that they are also Hindu. So the whole Gandhi family is great example of vicious lies.everyone must be aware of this fact.
7)If at all these congress people were really loving India,then we could have become a fabulous place but unfortunately we aren't.

Please don't take this personally but anyone who loves this wonderful India wholeheartedly will agree with me.